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Third-Party Witnessing to Ensure Thorough Elevator Compliance

Municipal Inspection Corporation is a third-party witnessing agency in The Greater New York & NJ area, that provides 24/7 online access to clients so they can view the entire inspection process from a place of convenience. We make New York City-mandated category 1 and category 5 inspection processes simple for the building owner and property agent. Our company tracks the entire process for you, and ensures that every step is conducted in a timely manner. Contact us for more information about our third-party witnessing.

An Inspector On-Site to Witness Each Service

Elevator safety is a top priority at Municipal Inspection Corporation. That is why we always provide third-party witnesses with each service to guarantee that repairs and maintenance services are performed thoroughly and accurately. We guarantee a safe job by providing the following:

• Scheduling the Required Inspection's with Your Maintenance Company
• Witnessing & Certifying the Various Functions of the Inspection
• Preparing the Required Inspection Documentation for the DOB (Department of Buildings)
• Conducting the Report Expediting and Providing Copies of Reports for Your Office Records
• Working to Keep Your Elevators Financially Sound and Code-Compliant