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Year-Round Assessments & Consulting

Keep the elevators in your building up to code and in proper working condition with our help. Municipal Inspection Corporation, with offices in New York and New Jersey, is your comprehensive consultant from elevator maintenance to elevator modernization projects.

Evaluation of Elevator Equipment

Elevator equipment evaluations are critical to a building's functionality and operational efficiency since vertical transportation is often the main form of access and mobility. It is important to know that the equipment is safe and in the best possible condition. When evaluating your elevators, we address the following items:

• General Age and Maintenance of Equipment
• Elevator Machine Room and Shaft Equipment
• Determine Equipment Repairs vs. Replacements
• Safety Codes and Local Code Improvements Associated with Upgrade/Modernization Analysis

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Upgrades for Elevators

Modernization projects improve the operational and economic efficiency of elevators. To accomplish that goal, Municipal Inspection Corporation provides a comprehensive evaluation program and an efficient bidding process that ensures a successful modernization program. It includes:

• Detailed Evaluation and Analysis of Equipment
• Budget Development and Specific Project Bidding Specifications
• Review and Respond to Bidder Inquiries
• Spreadsheets for Project Bidding Analysis
• Final Inspection Prior to Turn - Over and Final Payment

Routine Maintenance

Municipal Inspection Corporation also creates a detailed maintenance program specific to the age and performance expectations of a safely operating elevator device. This ensures the ride quality of your elevator. Each maintenance program includes:

• Review of Your Monthly Service Contract
• Detail Equipment Covered and Not Covered Under Contract
• Recommendations Based on Our Audits and Evaluations
• Review and Respond to Bidder Inquiries

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