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Assessing the Condition of Your Elevator

Selling or buying a building with elevators requires thorough knowledge of the safety, reliability, and working condition of the existing devices. Elevator/escalator due diligence, or a vertical transportation audit, is a cost-saving practice during the purchasing or selling phase. Conducting an elevator due diligence audit identifies critical information as your project moves forward. Contact Municipal Inspection Corporation to learn more.

Selling & Purchasing

When selling, we identify and address any deficiencies with the elevator in order to keep the selling process moving along. During a purchase, we conduct an independent inspection to determine the condition of the elevator and ensure there are no issues that could affect the immediate and long-term costs of purchasing it. We evaluate the equipment, make sure all compliance codes are met, and resolve any damages.

Avoid Major Repairs & Reduce Delays

An elevator due diligence audit yields significant savings by preempting unforeseen repair expenses and reducing delays in the selling or purchase process. Request a detailed audit report from Municipal Inspection Corporation and we will inspect your elevator to ensure it's in excellent condition.